Folk experience kissing for the treatment of tuberculosis

TB is considered a four terminal to experience in the treatment of traditional folk medicine is rich in pulmonary tuberculosis. Folk therapy although not complete treatment of tuberculosis patients can improve disease resistance, improve health.

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The following are some folk experience in the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis.
Acupoint therapy stick

With sulphur powder, garlic, cinnamon, borneol mixed distribution in acupoint application Yongquan (in feet). The next day for a cure for tuberculosis of Qi and blood.
Warehouse and plant oil eel fresh and clean, for patients with pulmonary tuberculosis is not bad lung yin.

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With fresh ginger, small Su Guizhi is really hot, plus camphor tablets deposited in the chest, shoulder treatment of dyspnea, sweating, coughing up blood.
1kg Lang poisonous tree (tree of boiling water vapor), the big apple apple for about an hour, with about 21 eat three times a day, for a month.
Nguoi benh tuberculoma

Medicine gas treatment
You use honey fresh goat milk is particularly high, flow path in the mixed membership. Drying, installed gobble up a data structure in 3 months in a sealed vial.

The use of five spirits, white mustard (each 15g), liquorice (what), mashed garlic crisp white stool is Dove (15g) mixed boundary on acupoint spine level analysis, it is hot. Once a week for the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis cough asthma.

Garlic (30g) to be heated in the pot, cardboard as a funnel to my nose inhalation in 30 minutes two times a day.

With fresh ginger honey water (a 120 ml of bone) Fresh Carrot Juice, pear juice, milk, mother...... And you every day with 4 tablespoons high into the warm water 2 times.
With two Yinchen temperature acupuncture Yongquan (Zuxin) every day.
With the medicine to drink boiling life, several times a day.

With a car about ten old duck Cordyceps (Cordyceps) to get the slit closed duck neck, fire and water, breathing in two hours after cooking seasoning enough to eat for a day.

TB patients need a complete nursing mode, nutrients will increase your resistance makes the treatment more effective. The food is not picky, but delicious and nutritious. The only way to absorb nutrients to the body enough energy to help patients overcome the disease.
These may be the unilateral treatment of tuberculosis that tuberculosis patients and their families to help files in treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis tuberculosis hospital.

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