Adult eye disease like Thanh Van female orgasm hugo then would be cured and easily lead to blindness

Recently, the women beautiful MC information Thanh Van Hugo weak disease with one side of her eyes at the present no longer see anything anymore, not even able to intervene treatment to bright eyes again, making people not out of panic. The fact that disease, American singer, actor, MC is actively ill suffer from this.

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Myasthenia gravis is a pathological condition is quite common. The proportion of weak market occupies about 2-2.5% of the population. If being a weak both eyes then the risk of blindness is higher than normally is 3.3%. 

More dangerous if the weak market to as late as stubborn, especially if detected in the mature age the opportunity to treat the more degrading.

According to BS Micro Van Bridge, former Director of HA Dong, a weak Eye BV is the condition of decreased vision due to the retina don't get excited from outside eyes. The vision was not accompanied by physical injury or if yes then the degree of amblyopia it badly, not with the level of pathology. Children with weak market can cure if diagnosed early and treated properly.

Problems are meant to be sick like sick suffering from muscle atrophy, suffered complications, complications ... If a defect detection in children under 5 years of age, you can treat children by the way you look, observe. Also for adults suffering from weak market then when discovered will not be cured. The disease often suffer from a defect in one eye and not affect the eye or spread to the other eye.

There are many causes of weak market. If derived from the entity causes such as strabismus, refractive, cataract or retinal damage ... What are the reasonable and timely intervention to improve eyesight for eyes right from young age. Also in the case of prolonged illness to mature until then will not be cured. Thus, even as a child, the child should be accessibility please disorder from 0.5/0.75/10 or 10 still have to wear glasses. 

weak market

With the children with refractive and other diseases without wearing glasses, timely treatment, the image in the retina will not crisp, long days led to a weak, even blindness.

In addition, problems can occur due to the diseases in the eye as innate, mi fall cataract, congenital corneal scarring. In this case, the retina don't get excited because of the obstruction of the path of light to the retina, causing problems.

The disease if discovered early the chance of cure

According to BS Demand determinants of successful treatment is a weak search exactly the cause and severity of the disease, age, the patient's consciousness. In particular, timely detection is the most important factor. If a weak treatment are conducted as soon the vision recovery rate will be high, the treatment time will be shorter. If a defect is discovered late, then the treatment is not possible.

So, in order to promptly detect weak regular marketing measurement if the eye has a refractive error. 

When the eyes have manifested the symptoms such as blurred vision, double vision, glare, the light very likely it's glass message signs or retina-2 of the most important parts of the eye are vulnerable.

The disease myasthenia gravis could not have what the specific expression outside very difficult to detect, especially when only one eye. Despite looking poor, sick people is also easily adapted to the condition of that vision and never complains.

Myasthenia gravis sufferers can have a manifest or squint, tilt the head to be twisted when the stock look, can sometimes be accompanied by headaches, stinging eyes, or fuzzy detection of one or both eyes due to self-blinded ...

weak market

How to prevent weak market

Right from when the kids are small, to avoid the diseases related to refractive parents need to guide children to sit back straight, eyes study the way the signature 30 cm; in a well-lit room, standard desk chair for each study level, lights to the opposite side with the handle to pen. 

Not so for reading, watching television, playing electronic too two hours continuously. Also, children should not read books on the train car, when supine or in places where the lack of light. 

Both adults and children need to have the diet in moderation, more fiber and vitamins to ensure vision. Small children are treated as soon then as quick recovery of eyesight and vision are more likely to return to normal.

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