A couple of years to memorize mumbo-jumbo, if you comics xxx want to keep the room warm, salty as the days of love

Loving, mounted from outside the bedroom.

Not strange postures or his charm nothing special, one of the factors that help couples in General and longtime couples in particular satisfaction in "it" derives from their happiness with life outside the bedroom.

Dr. David Frederick (Associate Professor, University of Chapman) asserts that everyone wants intimacy with people that I really love. So, to keep the passionate flame "in the bedroom", the couple should take the time to express affection, attention to each other right from small daily actions.


Long lasting marriage will inevitable boredom. In the rooms, if two people can renew itself so that others feel like it more, then please proceed to the "combo" always improve private space to "it" place in excitement.

Candles, flowers, incense, music, light or a remote place with entirely different space-there are things that can motivate and inspire your mood more than both the prelude, which makes the love of place exciting and happier. 

The swap roles between husband and wife

Often, after a while to experience life marriage, husbands tend to be indifferent to the intimacy of his wife. And this is precisely at the wives need more active before. The initiative is not meant to suggest that her husband, losing in straight that my wife might suggest, led, led her husband touched by the wing sets new hair, pique, a scent or dynamic ones touched gently.

This means the couple as openly with each other about the desire, the feeling of intimate stories in themselves, their sex life will be more fulfilling. This action will help the two sides better understand the other person's needs and also help each person define clearly what you need to do to make the enemy of happiness. Even the talk out what had the private part and the "cause of shame" that also raises the feeling of cohesion, love between husband and wife.

Wife Spanking

Dr. Kristen Mark-American expert suggested that if any open Word when one partner suggested the new pose on the bed, you can use hidden words. "yesterday you/I dreamt I did like, like ..." and observe the reactions of people. If he/she showed excitement, that the couple is not the same test?

Interested in the satisfaction level of the enemy

This third thing especially is sending to men. According to research by Chapman University, in "it", the majority of men are "on top", but only about 66% of women reach orgasm. If the status of "deviance" and "unjust" this often continued, of course, the couple will not be able to maintain the warm salty, mounted on the bed, especially when the two were married.

To remedy this, experts recommend that people who have had the family naturally can not only to satisfy but also to his interest in the sense of "the other half" anymore.

Don't let "it" takes place during the day in the other months of tedious

In addition, according to Kristen Mark, to the love between two people married for many years to keep the fire warm, both should also have the swap positions, pose together on the bed. Sometimes couples can also change the "order of love". The previous example always the prelude and then switch to the new "main content" then occassionally can be applied according to the type of ... officially before and prelude.


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