Santos launches new uniform 2; will debut against compilation porn Corinthians in the arena

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The Saints released the new uniform for the season 2 late on Thursday in seven units of Santos Store simultaneously. In the Vila Belmiro store, the event was attended by Ricardo Oliveira and Gustavo Henrique, the chairman Modesto Rome.

- It's a new shirt to be premiered in classic and let's go over them, Santos - Modesto said.
The shirt is traditional, with black and white stripes, and has the same pattern of uniforms made by Kappa, Italian supplier of sporting goods, with fairer modeling. The collar is bald, with silver line on the side and small holes in shell format.

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The fan uniform will cost from R $ 249. The Fish will debut the new mantle as early as this Saturday at 19h (GMT) in the derby against Corinthians, in Itaquera, the fourth round of the Championship.

Or if Victor Ramosfollows with news. Thursday, Mauro Marcelo, Superior auditor Court of Sports Justice (STJD) for research, was the headquarters of the Public Ministry of Rio to deliver the documents to the prosecutor Marcelo Muniz, who will examine inquiry to investigate the conduct of those involved and what will happen with each. It is known in advance that the MP's conduct International - which may even be excluded from Serie B - will not be reviewed, but of the people who participated in the e-mail forgery scheme and disclosure.

: The report's assessment is that there is a strong indication that there has been forgery and use of false documents in the case that has been widely ventilated the International situation. From the beginning it was realized that there was need to investigate possible forgery and use of Sports Justice headquarters in documents, because of this possible tampering with the mail that was reported. It is a crime punishable by the Penal Code Articles 297 (forgery) and 304 (using forged documents). What is reported in such case, this procedure was carried out, are acts performed before and Sports Justice which coincidentally may have been conducted by lawyers. So it is not research the lawyer. The lawyer is a citizen like any other. and it can be investigated.

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