Max Holloway explains cory everson provocations José Aldo: "I had to force him to fight '

One of the qualities that most attract the attention of Max Holloway is your confidence. Hawaiian shown ready to face José Aldo in the main event of UFC 212, which takes place on Saturday in Rio de Janeiro. And one reason is their daring to provoke Aldo months ago to ensure a chance for Porn Movie the title. According to him, despite being less vocal with the proximity of the fighting, the statements made "forced" the Brazilian to face it. 

During conversation with the press at Media Day UFC 212, Holloway spoke about the provocations made in the past and explained see success in attitude, the day of the fight is completely different.

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They are facts, speak of facts. He did not want to face me, I wanted to "fight money". Why fight me if he could have an easier fight against Anthony Pettis? So we accept the fight with Pettis. This guy does not want to face me. He wanted something interesting and made interest appear. Now we hit the fight, we signed the contract and we need not say more. The only chatter will be with my fists, legs and arms. He did not want to fight, we had to force him to fight. Now we are here - said the interim heavyweight champion featherweight.

Holloway also commented the provocations of the Brazilian fans that faced during the open workouts UFC Rio, held last Thursday.

- I loved, left me excited. It was great, it's like going into a pool and you will check the water. When you go check the water, you put your foot first and feels like it is. Now I will fight and I know how. I'll fall into. It was cool to see how much they are companions and support their athletes. They respect the fighters. This is a fight - anaisou.

Commenting on the duel that it is unification of belts featherweight, Max suggested that the fight against the Brazilian should happen in the foot striking, higher quality of both.

- He's a smart guy. When mourning all think it will be a fight standing, but the guys always try to put me down. I waited so long. We have good takedown defense and worship striking, then you can do the math - joked.

Besides Aldo x Holloway, UFC Rio features performances from the likes of Vitor Belfort, Claudia Gadelha, Erick Silva, among others. The event takes place this Saturday at the Arena da Barra, as of 19:30.interim featherweight champion justifies change in attitude towards provocations

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