If Victor Ramos: prosecutors see cosplay hentai evidence of two committed crimes

Prosecutor Marcelo Muniz receives research papers and says: "There is strong indication that there has been forgery and use of forged documents"

Or if Victor Ramosfollows with news. Thursday, Mauro Marcelo, Superior auditor Court of Sports Justice (STJD) for research, was the headquarters of the Public Ministry of Rio to deliver the documents to the prosecutor Marcelo Muniz, who will examine inquiry to investigate the conduct of those involved and what will happen with each. It is known in advance that the MP's conduct International - which may even be excluded from Serie B - will not be reviewed, but of the people who participated in the e-mail Blowjob  forgery scheme and disclosure.
It all started when Inter reeling in Serie A in 2016, tried to reverse the demotion with the possible escalation of irregular defender Victor Ramos, the time in Victoria, in what became known as  "if Victor Ramos" . The complaints made by the Colorado club showed the name of Reynaldo Buzzoni, director of records and transfers the CBF. Then Buzzoni questioned the validity of the document. The investigation conducted in the Superior Court of Sports Justice (STJD), two skills were carried out, and one of them proved that e-mails sent by the club have been tampered with by Francisco Godoy, player representative.
Possession of the documents, Marcelo Muniz promoter explained in an interview with reporter Fred Justo, which aired on Thursday on "Selection SporTV" , which sees evidence two crimes, and lawyers who participated in the case will be investigated by MP .

-: The report's assessment is that there is a strong indication that there has been forgery and use of false documents in the case that has been widely ventilated the International situation. From the beginning it was realized that there was need to investigate possible forgery and use of Sports Justice headquarters in documents, because of this possible tampering with the mail that was reported. It is a crime punishable by the Penal Code Articles 297 (forgery) and 304 (using forged documents). What is reported in such case, this procedure was carried out, are acts performed before and Sports Justice which coincidentally may have been conducted by lawyers. So it is not research the lawyer. The lawyer is a citizen like any other. and it can be investigated.

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The prosecutor also explained why the inquiry International will not be investigated, but the people who have participated in criminal offenses.
- The criminal scope is well defined by the individuality and individualization of the possible agents conduct, ie, people who practiced behaviors directed these criminal offenses. The club itself, it has no possibility of criminal punishment in this survey. The assessment here is the agents who committed these crimes.
According to the report, the prosecutor also said that there is no deadline to complete the investigation and to provide the complaint against anyone in this case, but said it will give speed to this calculation.

On the issue of lawyers at the end of Wednesday afternoon, according to the report, a group which campaigns on Sports Law, with some professionals from the clubs, delivered an open letter of repudiation condemning the possibility of lawyers being investigated by STJD . The controversy includes the Order of Attorneys of Brazil (OAB).
The prosecutor Marcelo Muniz said the MP attorney can and should be investigated, because there are lawyers in this story that were linked to the International. In this case, it is being investigated the conduct of an employee of the club, which is also in the midst of STJD.e the MP.
STJD in the proceedings, according to the report, there was Plenary session. Auditors met to review the case, but there were no comments on international case. The Attorney General, Felipe Bevilacqua, is who will decide whether the complaint provides or not. He said that by the end of next week should lie about this case. In addition to the MP and STJD, there is still the side of the CBF. As there is an entrepreneur Fifa agent, and who regulates and authorizes the intermediation of these entrepreneurs in negotiations in Brazil is the CBF, which will rule on the matter, which should take place after the end of the investigation the MP and STJD.
On December 1, Inter presented in STJD a document with 42 pages asking to take part in the process that investigated alleged irregularities in the registration of defender Victor Ramos, initiated by Bahia. In the fight against relegation, the gaucho club asked the court to reopen the case to punish the Bahia club with the loss of points in matches where the defender played in the Brazilian Championship.


The main line supported by the gaucho club regards non-compliance with the rules of the Transfer Matching System (TMS), which regulates international transfers in football. The player, who belongs to Monterrey, Mexico, was loaned to Palmeiras until he moved to Victoria in February last year. In the view of the Inter lawyers, this negotiation took place irregularly.
On December 8, the auditor Glauber Guadelupe, deputy attorney general STJD, filed the request of the Inter. The next day, the CBF sent a letter to STJD claiming that the documents used by the club in the process - the exchange of emails between the director of the CBF and Victoria - were tampered with. The organization called for the impeachment of the documents by the court.
And, unhappy with the court ruling, the Inter came again, on 12 December, with a case of the request to review Victor Ramos in STJD. A week later, the attorney general's STJD, Felipe Bevilacqua, decided to maintain the filed case.
Recently, the Superior Court of Sports Justice (STJD), announced that the reports of the expert confirmed the change in the used documents. In turn, the president of Inter, Marcelo Medeiros, returned to ensure the authenticity of the emails used.
Without success in STJD, Inter took the case to Switzerland. In January this year, the club filed an action in the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), based in Lousanne, to try to reopen the case. After the first hearing, the trial was suspended for 48 hours for referees review the jurisdiction over the matter. On April 6, they decided not to take the process forward, and if Victor Ramos was terminated.

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