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Adult eye disease like Thanh Van female orgasm hugo then would be cured and easily lead to blindness

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Recently, the women beautiful MC information Thanh Van Hugo weak disease with one side of her eyes at the present no longer see anything anymore, not even able to intervene treatment to bright eyes again, making people not out of panic. The fact that disease, American singer, actor, MC is actively ill suffer from this.

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Myasthenia gravis is a pathological condition is quite common. The proportion of weak market occupies about 2-2.5% of the population. If being a weak both eyes then the risk of blindness is higher than normally is 3.3%. 

More dangerous if the weak market to as late as stubborn, especially if detected in the mature age the opportunity to treat the more degrading.


According to BS Micro Van Bridge, former Director of HA Dong, a weak Eye BV is the condition of decreased vision due to the retina don't get excited from outside eyes. The vision was not accompanied by physical injury or if yes then the degree of …

Special "bad" wife to her compilation husband winding on the bed

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Can not deny that "love" is a kind of fire connected marriage, husband and wife. The burning man fell madly in love with you, is not difficult, try a change in bed, so make sure in your husband's wife, refused to come up with imagination.

1001 kiss There are many couples together for a long time, forget the day the hotel gradually before the start of the moment, because Jav Rape every love isn't important. But this is wrong, let your charm and fire one thousand and one kiss, it evoked emotions, let you want to burn seems irresistible charm.

This is not difficult, you do not need to wear too sexy, only know that a "gold" kiss on her shoulder. Earlobe, navel... M says he will not let you in the received signal to stimulate. Let all the natural

Before some sisters on the battlefield, usually require a partner must accept the new clean love. But sometimes too formal rules will make you beautiful lost interest. Just think, when the flame of love in the blazing …

A couple of years to memorize mumbo-jumbo, if you comics xxx want to keep the room warm, salty as the days of love

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Loving, mounted from outside the bedroom.

Not strange postures or his charm nothing special, one of the factors that help couples in General and longtime couples in particular satisfaction in "it" derives from their happiness with life outside the bedroom.

Dr. David Frederick (Associate Professor, University of Chapman) asserts that everyone wants intimacy with people that I really love. So, to keep the passionate flame "in the bedroom", the couple should take the time to express affection, attention to each other right from small daily actions.


Long lasting marriage will inevitable boredom. In the rooms, if two people can renew itself so that others feel like it more, then please proceed to the "combo" always improve private space to "it" place in excitement.

Candles, flowers, incense, music, light or a remote place with entirely different space-there are things that can motivate and inspi…

"Nine food", if you want to unreal tits do tonight, "he"

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Here are 9 foods you should avoid eating before doing "it".
1. Dairy products

According to Professor Porn abused Tami Meraglia, author of "The Secret" Hormones (the secret of the hormone) then: "milk contains more protein, can cause you indigestion, bloating, cramps, ì ạch...". This is also the cause of obstruction "Committee" takes place comfortably.

2. Fresh water

"Carbonated drinks like soda is causing your abdomen distended, upset by it," Dr. carbonate supplements Lori Shemek, author of "How to Fight FATflammation!" said. 

3. White flour

The products from white flour such as breads, pasta ... is also not recommended to consume before the couple "relationship" because "this powder usually increases the amount of sugar in the blood, then dropped quickly makes you feel tired and sluggish," Shemek said. 

Professor Meraglia also agree: "white flour products can decrease your testosterone levels to 25% within …

Testicular torsion syndrome: what sexy naked women you need to be alert

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Testicular torsion is a testicular self reason revolves around the axis cause sudden blockages, reduce the rope or the principle amount of blood to the testes, causing pain and swelling. If prolonged may lead to testicular necrosis and the surrounding tissue. So twisted the testicles need to be emergency surgery in the first few hours. If so, the testicles hurt permanently, affecting fertility or are cut off.
When the testicles twisted rope-making spin and reduce blood flow. If the testicles rotate multiple times, the blood Bukkake Video flow to it can be blockages, causing gangrene, of complications very quickly. Men suffering testicular torsion have genetic characteristics and often affect both testicles. Testicular torsion often present when his scrotum; physical activity and sleep.

Testicular torsion symptoms 1Tinh alert perfect spiral under the arrow.
Sign detection
Patients with testicular torsion usually have the following symptoms: sudden and intense pain in one side of the testic…

Folk experience kissing for the treatment of tuberculosis

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TB is considered a four terminal to experience in the treatment of traditional folk medicine is rich in pulmonary tuberculosis. Folk therapy although not complete treatment of tuberculosis patients can improve disease resistance, improve health.
The rats for Sana Anzyu detecting tuberculosis, bomb

Loving father paralyzed in bed, the son of a TB test Strong energy increases, men do not worry about embarrassing" Trust fund
Urine two times / the shortest route - a late lead to renal failure
The following are some folk experience in the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis. Acupoint therapy stick
With sulphur powder, garlic, cinnamon, borneol mixed distribution in acupoint application Yongquan (in feet). The next day for a cure for tuberculosis of Qi and blood. Warehouse and plant oil eel fresh and clean, for patients with pulmonary tuberculosis is not bad lung yin.

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With fresh ginger, small Su Guizhi is really hot, plus camphor tablets deposited in the chest, shoulde…

The diseases associated Jav with vitamin D

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Long extremely important role of vitamin D in the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus of bone are detailed research guys. Besides, vitamin D also has many other effects not associated with the metabolism of calcium, "noncalcemic", was Porn xxx recorded as the effect of reducing blood pressure, hardening of the spread, against swine flu and most recently the effects of some cancer prevention.

History of the discovery of vitamin D

In 1914, Edward Mellanby (uk), Elmer McCollum and Marguerite Davis (USA) noticed that the dogs be fed cod liver oil currency will not suffer rickets and they said that substances in fish oil is "vitamin A". In 1922, Elmer McCollum tested on dogs with cod liver oil have been destroying vitamin A results cod liver oil still has the ability to cure rickets, so McCollum factor for that cure is not vitamin A, and he named vitamin D in the order A, B, C, and in 1925 , Alfred Fabian Hess, Adolf Windaus found when irradiated for 7-dehydrocholester…